Version 2 of the FusedFolio App Introduces Two New Features

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Announcements / 25 February, 2023

FusedFolio, the cryptocurrency portfolio tracking platform, has released version 2 of its app for Android, Windows, and Linux. Users can also access the app through a browser. The latest version introduces two new features that enhance the user’s ability to track their portfolio more effectively.

Manual Entry Wallets: Users can now create manual entry wallets in FusedFolio, which allows them to track their assets even if they are not supported by FusedFolio’s automatic balance fetching. This feature provides users with greater flexibility in managing their portfolios.

Reassociation of Incorrect Balances: FusedFolio’s latest update also includes the ability to reassociate incorrect balances with their correct assets. This new feature addresses a common issue faced by many cryptocurrency holders who often encounter incorrect balance allocations in their portfolios. This is especially true for cryptocurrency holdings that are kept on exchanges.

FusedFolio supports more than 100 blockchain networks and over 15 exchanges. If your exchange or network is not currently supported, you can contact us and request support, and our team will add support for it soon.

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