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Tracking a crypto portfolio can be an ordeal for most users, even if they have just a few exchange accounts and wallets. Whenever they want to know the latest value of their investment, they have to gather information from all their exchanges and wallets. FusedFolio is a service created to solve this problem.

We simplify the entire process of tracking cryptocurrency portfolios. You only need to connect your exchange accounts and add your wallets to our service once, and our system will take care of everything from there. It will automatically fetch all your balances and show you a consolidated view of your entire holdings. Your crypto balance and value will be synchronized several times a day. So, you can log in at any time of the day to your account here and view your entire portfolio using a single dashboard.

Compared to a few other available service providers, FusedFolio sets itself apart from the rest by the number of networks and exchanges it supports. Even though the service was launched recently, it already supports over 15 exchanges and more than 70 networks. And with its Rapid Integration Policy, it can add support for any exchange or network quickly upon request by our users.

The #1 service that can help you
track your crypto portfolio with ease.

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