Track your
crypto portfolio
with ease

FusedFolio is the #1 service that can help you
track your crypto portfolio with ease.

What is FusedFolio?

Many cryptocurrency investors hold their investments on several exchanges and wallets. Over time, their holdings on these accounts increase, and as a result, it makes tracking very difficult. FusedFolio is a service that can track your entire crypto portfolio using a single dashboard. It allows you to track your cryptocurrencies that are on exchanges as well as in wallets. You can add as many exchanges and wallets as you want to your account. The app will automatically fetch and update the latest balance from these exchanges and wallets.

FusedFolio is a service that was built by and for crypto investors alike. The reason for creating it was that most other crypto-tracking services available fell short in many areas. This included weak or broken integrations and support for limited exchanges and networks.

Use FusedFolio to keep a constant eye on the movement of your investment.

The Best Crypto Tracker
That Works For You!

Some of FudeFolio's salient features include:

  • More than 70 network wallet integrations
  • Over 15 exchange integrations
  • Balances updated several
    times a day
  • Crypto prices updated
    every hour

A few words
from the founder

"With active accounts on more than a dozen exchanges and balances on several wallets, tracking all of these had become impossible for me, and FusedFolio was the solution."
Naif Amoodi
Entrepreneur, Developer, DevOps Engineer,
Veteran Crypto Investor + Crypto Fanatic, Top Writer on Quora

Rapid Integration Policy

With several wallet and exchange integrations already, FusedFolio is rapidly working towards integrating more and more networks and exchanges.

If you do not see your exchange or wallet network then register for a free account and contact us! Our Rapid Integration Policy allows us to integrate within a couple of days.

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The #1 service that can help you
track your crypto portfolio with ease.

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