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crypto portfolio
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FusedFolio is the #1 service that can help you
track your crypto portfolio with ease.

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What is FusedFolio?

Cryptocurrency investors often hold their assets across various exchanges and wallets, resulting in difficulties tracking their increasing holdings. Fortunately, FusedFolio offers a solution by providing a single dashboard to monitor your entire crypto portfolio. This service enables users to track their cryptocurrencies across all exchanges and wallets, with the flexibility to add as many accounts as needed. Additionally, the app automatically retrieves and updates the latest balance information from each account.

FusedFolio was specifically developed by crypto investors to address the shortcomings of other existing crypto-tracking services, which often suffered from poor integrations and limited support for various exchanges and networks. By using FusedFolio, investors can continuously monitor the progress of their investments.

The Best Crypto Tracker
That Works For You!

Some of FudeFolio's salient features include:

  • More than 100 network wallet integrations
  • Over 25 exchange integrations
  • Balances updated several
    times a day
  • Crypto prices updated
    every hour

A few words
from the founder

"With active accounts on more than a dozen exchanges and balances on several wallets, tracking all of these had become impossible for me, and FusedFolio was the solution."
Naif Amoodi
Entrepreneur, Developer, DevOps Engineer,
Veteran Crypto Investor + Crypto Fanatic, Top Writer on Quora

Rapid Integration Policy

FusedFolio is continuously expanding its range of wallet and exchange integrations. Even if you do not currently see your preferred network or exchange available, you can easily register for an account and contact us. Our Rapid Integration Policy enables us to integrate new networks and exchanges within just a few days.

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The #1 service that can help you
track your crypto portfolio with ease.

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