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To add your exchange account to FusedFolio, you will need an API provided by your exchange. This API is used to pull your balance from that exchange. Once you create an API, you will be given an API key and a secret. Some exchanges may also provide an Account ID as well. To get these details, log in to your exchange and find the API management section.

From there, you will be able to create a new API. While you create this, you will also be allowed to set permissions on it. Make sure you allow the API read access only. This means you must disable the ability to trade or withdraw using this API.

Also, make sure to disable IP address restrictions. Otherwise, our servers will not be able to connect to your account on the exchange.

Once you have created an API, select that exchange over here on FusedFolio and enter all the API details you were provided.

Adding your wallets to FusedFolio is much simpler than adding an exchange! All you need to do is select the network and enter your wallet address and you are set!

The price of coins and tokens is updated every couple of hours.

The balances in exchanges and wallets are updated every 6 hours.

Some crypto assets use tickers that are not unique. For example, Edgeware and Edgeless use the same ticker EDG. Most exchanges do not provide detailed information about the assets that are returned by their API. They only provide the name of the ticker. For this reason, it may not be possible to accurately determine which exact asset they refer to. However, this problem generally pertains to less popular assets only.

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