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Guides / 08 December, 2022

So, you want to start tracking your exchange accounts using FusedFolio but don’t know how? It’s simple! I will show you. The only thing required is an API that needs to be created on the exchange in concern. When you create an API, your exchange will likely provide you with an API key and secret. Some exchanges may also provide additional details, such as an Account ID.

Head over to your exchange, sign into your account and go to your Profile section or the Settings section. Over here, you should see a page named “API”. This is where you will create an API from. Once you have found this page, you can set up an API that you can use on FusedFolio.

When setting up the API, ensure that you give read access only! This is very important for your security. While you create the API, you’ll be presented with a list of options. One of these options indicates the kind of access you would like to give to this API. We only need the ability to read the balance on your account. Other options include the ability to execute trades and withdraw crypto. Make sure none of these are checked!

Once you click the “Create” button, you’ll likely be asked to enter an OTP. After you are done, you will be presented with your API key and secret. Once you have these, head back to your FusedFolio account, find your exchange and enter these details. After the API is added, it may take our system a short while to process the balance on your account. And that’s it! FusedFolio will do the rest for you.

A screenshot of the link to the API management page on Binance
A screenshot of the API management page on Binance
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